Frequently Asked Questions

Will I ever have to share a property with someone I don’t know?

No, you will never have to share a property with another person you don’t want to.  Our properties are by reservation only, and only a reservation holder and his/her party should be on that property.

How do I know what game/fish will be at a specific property?

Our online reservation system provides harvest reports for each property.  Members who make a reservation are required to provide:

  • Game seen regardless of what they were on the property to hunt.  IE: A deer hunter sees geese, they must report the geese seen.
  • Big game hunters are required to provide the number of bucks/bulls and does/cows seen, HOWEVER they are not required to specify size.  If you see a trophy, you don’t have to specify it’s size, just it’s sex.

Why do you require harvest reports?

We use this information to determine if the property is worth lease renewal.  A property that under performs is not worth the club members’ dues.  We want you to be successful, and your opinion matters to us.

How do you know it will be accurate?

Believe it or not, we find that the majority of our members are in fact truthful.  Many find properties that they prefer to hunt regularly because of it’s quality.  If they want to keep the property in the club, they know their reports must be accurate.  Failure to do so would only hurt them.

Some of our members only hunt one specific type of game.  As a result, an upland/waterfowl hunter may actually report helpful information for big game hunters.  Ie: “A big buck has been seen hanging out in the creek.”

Should a member be found not filing accurate reports, they will face disciplinary action or expulsion from the club.

Can I resell my membership?

Your lifetime membership is can be resold at any time.  You are allowed to advertise it’s sale and facilitate the transaction at your own risk.  We suggest not accepting payment in the form of a check.  Should you decide to transfer ownership, please contact our office via phone to handle the change.

Will I be able to reach the club office on weekends/holidays?

We have an emergency number available at all times.

What if a member encounters a trespasser or another member on the property without a reservation?

In the event that a member discovers a trespasser, they should avoid the person and call the office emergency number.  Should they not answer, please contact local law enforcement or conservation agent.  Colorado Outdoor Sports takes this VERY seriously and will prosecute trespassers to the fullest extent of the law.

If you discover another member on a property without a reservation, please report this to the club.  Members hunting/fishing/camping without a reservation will be disciplined or expelled from the club.

What about my friends and family?

Your spouse and any dependents on your IRS tax return are entitled to hunt/fish/camp accompanied by you or any member.

Each membership includes guests, however any individual may only hunt club property for a maximum of three days per year.  Floating guest memberships are available which remove this restriction.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at (303) 460-0273.