Remember 10% off your dues for every active member you bring on.

Rewards are available for leased properties ( Creating the contact )

2 reservation’s per week ( meaning you can only have two reservation’s on the system in a seven day period)
When the first one falls off you can reserve again.

RESERVATIONS:   Your 2 reservation’s are for two full days, you may reserve for the whole day or for half.  A two day reservation consist of 2 AM reservations and 2 PM reservations only. If you only use an AM and an AM, you are entililted to a PM and a PM, not any more AM’s.

Respect the landowners ( They are our best assets)

Respect other members ( They are our second best assets )

No alcohol and guns ever.

Remove all and any trash you bring on property, including food wrappers, containers, sacks, cans, bottles, and most importantly, spent shells, they have our name on them.

Entering COS property with out a reservation could be seen as trespassing, don’t do it.

NEVER  give out gate codes or badges, Period. If I find a non-member with a members badge, they will be prosecuted, don’t do that to your freind.

If you decide to not use your reservation, please cancel as soon as you make that decision. Non canceling, non use of property is punishable by charging the current admin fee of one months full dues.  Don’t waste our properties or your money, respect your fellow members by not reserving properties and then leaving them empty.

No guest is allowed with out signed hold harmless agreement, no excuses, its available on the web.

UNNOUNCED GUEST FEE:  If found with an unannounced guest, you as the member will be assessed two times the full monthly dues.

If a Landowner has made special request you must abide, spelled out by the C O S property page.

Always display your badge on your vehicle.

Your guests are your responsibility, make sure they abide by ALL rules, if they don’t ask them to leave or don’t invite them. No excuses.

No guiding for money, or compensation on COS land.

No driving on muddy roads that will leave ruts, no driving on grass ever, two tracks only if allowed.

Members will be required to pay reasonable damages to COS for all unauthorized use of our lands. You agree to not hunt, fish, lease, or rent or attempt to lease directly or indirectly, any land which COS has/had leased, while a/was member until at least 3 years elapsed after the expiration of the last COS lease, without prior authorization from COS.